Saltsjöbaden – Sweden – 5/5/2019 – 10/5/2019

Eight German Students and 3 German Teachers from Freising met our Erasmus Partners again for the second Workshop in Saltsjöbadenk, near Stockholm in May 2019! What a pleasure!

This will stay in mind:

  • the friendly welcome and hospitality of the Swedish host families
  • the hard work on our topic for the week: the social aspects of sustainability! We talked about gender roles and their importance for sustainability and intercultural learning – or on a more basic level: Does the average Spanish Mr. Right look different to the German one?
  • The picturesque Swedish nature – team building activities were so much better outside with the archipelago in sight.
  • Stockholm is an amazing city, that we discovered by foot and by boat
  • The Swedisch school system – that is so different to the German one (no ban on mobile phones, laptops for every student, the students feel personally responsible for their success)
  • The Party with lots of dancing, shouting and laughing
  • The free school meal, including lots of milk and Köttbullar
  • Greta Thunberg live in front of the Swedish Parliament – the place where the movement started
  • All the tears when we said goodbye on the last day
  • And so much more

Thank you so much, Samskolan Saltsjöbaden, for having us! It was amazing! We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.