Erasmus+ Workshop in Spain: You may arrive as strangers, but you’ll leave as friends.

From 24.11.19 – 29.11.2019, nine students accompanied by two teachers travelled to Bembibre, Spain, to deal intensively with the topic „saving water“ together with our Erasmus+ partner schools from Sweden, France and of course our hosts, the Spanish. Besides numerous workshops and intensive work on the project, we were having a great time. From the beginning of the project until the very last activity all participants were eager to exchange ideas with the other nations and work together to achieve our common goal: what can we do to protect our planet. All teachers were enthusiastic about the open-mindedness of all students and the excellent work atmosphere throughout the whole week in Spain. Many thanks to the Spanish team!

Anja Donderer, Stefan Vogl

Serine Boussaid, 9c: The host families are super friendly and always make sure that you are doing well. It is very interesting to see how the Spanish live and what a the daily routine in Spain looks like. If you have the chance to participate in an Erasmus+ workshop abroad, you should definitely take it, because it is so much fun!

Dimitrios Melissas, 9d: This trip was a great experience. It had a lot of fun and we learned a lot about water and how we can save it. My host family was very nice and I am very happy that I got the change to take part in the project.

Nina Schüller, 8a: I can highly recommend to participate in an Erasmus+ workshop abroad. You will become friends with people from other countries and learn new things. I liked the soap workshop, in which we learned how to make soap, the best. The host families are super friendly and always make sure if you are doing well.

Ronja Kästner, 9c: I think the coolest aspect is to have the chance to meet people from other countries. Especially their language and way of life are very interesting. I liked the soap workshop best. The host families are really nice and take good care of you. I can only recommend it to everybody.

Niklas Baier, 9a: I found the tour of the car workshop the best. My host family was very nice and the food was really good. Especially the meat was tasty. I also visited a castle with my host family and we went bowling.

Helena Lorenz, 8a: What I liked best was to experience the everyday life and the way of life of the Spanish people. We went shopping with friends and had a very nice time together. To be part of such a great project is really special.

Paula Untermeierhofer, 9a: I think whoever gets the chance, should definitely take it. It’s so great because you get to meet so many new people. I liked the soap workshop best and the host families are incredibly caring and nice. That’s why I absolutely recommend it. With my host family I went to a shopping mall. That was really cool. There we also met other Spanish students with their exchange partners.

Paul Henninger, 9a: It was a great experience. I met so many new people. I liked the trips with the host family and the soap workshop best. I can only recommend it.

Hannah Köllmeier, 8a: I liked the soap workshop best in which we were allowed to make our own soaps. I can only recommend participating in Erasmus+ because it is such a wonderful experience. The host families are all very friendly and make sure that you are doing well. You get to know new people and learn a lot of things.