Plogging, Winter Ball and Climate Change

For one week, Secondary School Gute Änger hosted 20 students and 8 teachers from Sweden, Spain and France

Overcoming language barriers, proving patience and at the same time having fun getting to know each other as Europeans – these were the main goals of the launch program, which took place on 2nd-7th December 2018 at the Secondary School Gute Änger in Freising.

After a talk about global challenges with Professor Dr. Gabriele Schrüfer, the students participated in a Fairtrade Football Cup. The next day, the group got to try out some plogging as they walked through Freising. Plogging is a Swedish trend where you walk along particular roads/paths, whilst simultaneously collecting rubbish. Of course, a trip to the Munich Christmas market was not to be forgotten either. The program ended with a winter ball in the hall of the new secondary school.