Water is the most precious ressource on our earth – so dealing with sustainability –  water was also an important subject for SMILE. Students learnt a lot about the quality of water and saving water during our week in Spain.  Here are a few ideas about saving water – check them out!



Even though the four partners in our project are very different – they have one thing in common: they all celebrate Christmas. We had a look at Christmas traditions in the four countries and tried to find ideas for a “greener Christmas”. How can we celebrate the most important festival of the year without wasting money, energy and wrapping paper?


Guided at the Erasmus+ workshop in Freising 2018, the students launched a challenge „Reduce the paper waste“. The task is to win many combatants at the school in order to reduce the daily paper waste. Well done!

Führe an deiner Schule die Challange „Reduce paper waste“ durch. Leere vor der Aktion alle Papiermülltonnen und wiege das weggeworfene Papier. Informiere alle Schülerinnen und Schüler und motiviere sie sparsam mit Papier umzugehen. Prüfe einige Tage später, ob ihr mit eurem Aufruf Erfolg hattet. Wenn ja, wieder hole in einigen Wochen die Challange erneut, denn wir sind Gewohnheitsmenschen. Wenn nein, ändere die Strategie und versuche deine Mitschülerinnen und Mitschüler auf eine andere Weise zu motivieren. Der Weg ist das Ziel und jeder kleine Schritt bringt uns weiter!


Sunflowers – Symbol and though provoking impulse

For the Erasmus+ project Shaping my life style, the sunflower is of particular importance because of its enormous symbolism. In Greek mythology, the nymph Clythia fell in love with the sun god Apollo, but the god did not return her love. She died of a broken heart and turned into a sunflower, which is turning for all eternity towards the sun and searching the sky for her love Apollo.

Today the sunflower symbolizes an unforgettable summer and thus stands for love, warmth and confidence. Does this still apply in the context of climate change?

Since sunflowers have very deep roots, they are interpreted as a sign of deep connectedness. Ultimately, their richness of seeds points to the possibility of sustainable use.

The aim of the project „Sunflower“ is first of all to show the solidarity of the cooperation schools and the European community. Therefore the pupils planted the sunflowers in front of the school.

Secondly, the cultivation and care occupied the pupils and enabled the exchange of experiences and success. Thirdly, the different plant heights and yields show the different growth and weather conditions. The latter are the basis for determining the climate.

The implementation led to different results and experiences as the adjacent pictures and videos show. An overall comparative evaluation was not possible, because at three schools the mortality of sunflowers was so high. To ensure a common start of the plants, the plants should be grown in mini-greenhouses, but sunflowers are difficult to transplant. But in some cases it was a lack of communication to the gardeners.

Land-Art – Sculpture in the landscape

Yellow card for discarded waste!

 In a new action of ErasmusPlus at the Realschule Gute Änger big yellow arrows draw attention to littering!

In our region, waste is simply thrown away. This rape the townscape, damage nature and have to be collected and disposed of at the expense of the general public. Since this happens only rarely, the plastic is distributed in the landscape and the oceans. But once „released“ into nature, it returns to us in the natural cycle and damages our health.

Every yellow arrow points to plastic!

  1. Make a “Selfi” with the yellow arrows in the background!
  2. Send it to your family and friends with a call to do something like this!

For the fast ones: Compare intensive agriculture (east of the road) and extensive agriculture (west of our school)!

The Aquarium- und Schoolgarden-Team produced the yellow arrows. The yellow eye-catchers visible from far away are a artwork that makes you think. The thought – or the hope – behind the arrows is that people become aware of the damage they do with littering.